RASTA offers specialized training programs catering to working professionals from Government departments, construction companies and consulting organisations. Apart from conducting training programs at its campus RASTA Bangalore, RASTA also conducts training programs at job sites to encourage more participation.

Milestone : As on date more than 4400 engineers of various levels have been trained at RASTA.
Topics covered under the training :
  1. Road Materials
  2. Soil Engineering and Ground Improvement Techniques
  3. Pavement Evaluation and Design
  4. Economic Evaluation
  5. Construction and Maintenance
  6. Plants and Equipment for Road Construction
  7. Construction Planning and Management
  8. Project Management
  9. Contract Management
  10. Road Safety and Audit
  11. Quality Assurance
  12. Pavement Failures and Remedial Measures
  13. Concrete Roads
  14. Advancements and Trends in Road Technology